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""You are a great instructor. It truly was a great opportunity and I will encourage all within my span to attend. The training is great and everyone that attends the Symposium WILL pass. You are fully prepared to do just that.""

Cw3 ellen magras, mcfe, chm, cpfm, U.s. army

""Thank you very much for the time and energy you took to train us. I came to work today feeling a little more confident and have just a little more self pride. Thank you for that."

cs1 blue crane, navsta newport

""I got a job as Assistant Director of a large school district in the Syracuse area, responsible for 15 schools and feeding over 9,000 students. The CHM designation (in particular) and the MCFE and CPFM played a significant role in my hiring.""

duncan sproule, mcfe, chm, cpfm

"I just completed your class, earning the MCFE, CHM and CPFM. Thank you for a great week of training. Your presentations for each course of study was very educational, concise, and added a great deal to my level of expertise.""

cwo5 paul t. jones

foodservice In a nutshell podcast

With Ed Manley, MCFBD, MCFP, CHP

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Episode #1


The introduction episode discusses our purpose and what might you gain from watching it.

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Interview with Dave Zander

Dave Zander discusses life as a submarine chef, training and certifications, and how he landed an incredible job with Winn-Dixie.

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Interview with Rory Bacon

Rory Bacon talks about the Navy and NOAA Shipboard Life and Certifications which landed him a 100k job. 

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Interview with Curtis Rock Henry

Chef Rock tells us about his career starting as a Army Private then Ranger to Personal Chef and Logistic Colonel. 

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Interview with Bill May

From Dishwasher at 10 years old to a Marine at 17, Bill May discusses what he learned from work and how he became the President of NACUFS.

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Interview with Michael LaCroce

The cows were the key to it all! Mike gives us strategies to starting a business as he tells his story about being an entrepeneur. 

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Ed-ucation Edge

*The Ed-ucation Edge is a newsletter that updates you on things happening within our organization, as well as topics we think you will like from the daily National Restaurant Association.

Smart Briefs.

A good way to keep up with our industry.


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