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Master certified foodservice professional (MCFP)

Reviews all aspects of managing a foodservice operation including customer service, food safety, foodservice math, purchasing, inventory control, beverage, human resources, kitchen, food and service management, menu design and analysis, and accounting and financial management.

Overall Grade Certification:

Master Certified Foodservice Professional - 70 & up

Certified Foodservice Professional - 65 to 70

Certified Foodservice Supervisor - 60 to 65

$219 per person

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"Once completeing the certification level as an MCFP, I was able to take the knowledge with me and pass it along to my fellow co-workers and implement it into my daily work environment. If it was not for Mr. Manley's dedication to our troops across the services, the rest of us would not be where we are today.""

Patrick modriskey, mgysgt, u.s. marine corps

""I just wanted to say that I firmly believe that it was my certifications and my college degree that got me advanced to Chief this year. Thank you for providing the training that I received.""

csc marc ernest, naval air facility - atsugi, japan

""Thanks to you for pushing me four years ago to get my HACCP, CPFM & CFE certifications. With those certs. and my Bachelor of Science degree, I was able to get $16,000 more than a Chief who only had a CFE certification.""

cs1 robert irish, usn (retired)

""You've been such an inspiration to all of the military's food service professionals. Your tireless efforts to contiually elevate us to higher levels of competence have been phenomenal. Kepp doing the outstanding job of promoting professionalism and execellence in food service."

SGM Ray Arnold, mcfe, chm, cpfm, command sgt. major, u.s. army center of excellence

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